Name: Archie

Codename: Cheeky Boy
Breed: Shiba Inu
Age: 3 years

Hey! Are you checking me out? Good! I get super excited on excursions with my friends and I love exploring all the new places, sound and smell. I also like racing 🏁 my buddy, Gonzo whenever we go to the dog runs. After that, I need half a day to recover.

My pack and I will happily race to the finish line of ONE MILLION steps for our friends at Animal Lovers League! We would love it even more when YOU help us achieve our goal of S$12,000 for their rent and food 🍲 so that they can have a roof and fill their tummies.

Day 1 - 9,708 steps
Day 2 - 9,756 steps
Day 3 - 11,004 steps
Day 4 - 12,828 steps
Day 5 - 11,416 steps
Day 6 - 9,348 steps

Total Steps for Archie: 63,960