Name: Demi

Codename: Sweetie Pie
Breed: Cavapoo
Age: 5 years

Hello! Thank you for clicking on my page. When I was just a puppy, I was attacked by a big dog and it took me quite a while to recover. So, I get wary whenever I meet a new friend but once I know you mean no harm, we’re friends for life!

My pack and I will be walking our hardest this month and our hope is that you can show us your support by donating to our good friends at Animal Lovers League. Your love will go a long way to fulfilling their 3 basic requirements. 🍲🏡❤️

Day 1 - 15,408 steps
Day 2 - 11,232 steps
Day 3 - 6,972 steps
Day 4 - 13,644 steps

Total Steps for Demi: 48,456