Name: Oreo

Codename: Yellow Beard
Breed: Shih Tzu
Age: 10 years

More than 8 years ago, I was abandoned in Pasir Ris Farmway. I was quite a difficult catch cuz the people from Animal Lovers League took 5 days to dognap me. I was not impressed with the accommodation but I guess it suited me well with all the meows. (ALL’s cattery division) 😹

About a week later, two strangers came asking to see me. I ran to the back of the cattery. Sigh… they caught up with me. A few days later, I was brought to their place. Nice… 🏘️

I’m now the PRINCE 👑 at Super Cuddles! But I’ll never forget Animal Lovers League for saving me and helping me get a second chance at finding a good home. I’m one of the lucky ones from ALL. My friends at ALL need our support and even though I’m a decade older now, you can bet I will still do my darndest to walk 🐕 for them!! 

My pack and I will do the walking and we need you to do the donating. Though I’ve been told that I’m extremely stubborn, I must admit that all these years of having good food, a nice roof and a loving family 👨‍👩‍👧 is what all my friends at ALL deserve too. 

Day 1 - 8,424 steps
Day 2 - 4,500 steps
Day 3 - 7,320 steps
Day 4 - 5,832 steps
Day 5 - 8,160 steps
Day 6 - 6,072 steps
Day 7 - 5,976 steps

Total Steps for Oreo: 46,284