Name: Riley

Codename: Foodie
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Age: 8 years

Hi there! I love going for excursions and smelling everything… I love to leave my scent everywhere too, so that others will know that I’ve been here.

There’s one thing that scares me a lot though, it’s thunder ⛈️! When the storm comes, I will start shivering and need to be calmed down by putting on my superhero cape! (aka Thundershirt).

My pals and I have been training hard and are ready to walk 🐕 ONE MILLION steps 🐾 to help our friends in Animal Lovers League. I really hope you will support us by showing love through your purse 👛 and giving as much as you can. On behalf of our friends at ALL, thank you!

Day 1 - 14,616 steps
Day 2 - 17,892 steps
Day 3 - 15,084 steps
Day 4 - 10,860 steps
Day 5 - 13,032 steps
Day 6 - 16,728 steps
Day 7 - 12,384 steps

Total Steps for Riley: 100,596