Name: Tuna

Codename: Pouncer
Breed: Miniature Dachshund
Age: 11 months

Do you know how many steps I can cover in a day? Just look at me! Iā€™m young, energetic šŸ”‹ and I love to play!! 

I may be vertically challenged but I love pouncing on my friends when we play. Iā€™m also not afraid that my friends are bigger than me. 

So yeah, Iā€™m definitely ready to walk šŸ¾ with my friends for our buddies at Animal Lovers League. We do the walking and you do the giving šŸ’²šŸ’², deal? 

Day 1 - 21,612 steps
Day 2 - 20,004 steps
Day 3 - 19,992 steps

Total Steps for Tuna: 61,608