Name: Dempsey

Codename: Big Paw
Breed: Bernedoodle
Age: 7 months

Hello! I’m the youngest in the pack but I’m the biggest! So, while most of my friends will take 6 steps, it’ll only take me 1. I’m a gentle giant, though sometimes clumsy. But really, I can’t help it due to my size and I’m still learning from all my friends.

Like my pack, I really like to help with all the walking. Though I must be honest, I almost fainted 🥴 when I heard ONE MILLION!

With my pack and I pulling in our muscles 💪🏼, I’m sure YOU reading my page will be more than generous in helping our friends at Animal Lovers League.

To start the ball rolling, here’s a slobbery kiss 👅 from me to YOU!

Day 1 - 16,140 steps
Day 2 - 14,928 steps
Day 3 - 13,152 steps
Day 4 - 11,724 steps
Day 5 - 9,528 steps
Day 6 - 10,800 steps

Total Steps for Dempsey: 76,272