Name: Miya

Codename: “Trick”ster
Breed: Pomsky
Age: 3 years

Hi there! Thank you for clicking on my page. I love going out with my friends and investigating new smells and places. I love learning new tricks and like my sister, I’m obsessed with cats 🐱!

I can’t wait to walk and play even more with my friends so that we can reach our goal of ONE MILLION steps! We really need your support and donations for helping our friends at Animal Lovers League.

Psst… let’s make a pact! If YOU help us reach our goal of S$12,000, I will perform a trick ✨ just for YOU!!

Day 1 - 13,380 steps
Day 2 - 11,220 steps
Day 3 - 8,892 steps
Day 4 - 6,036 steps
Day 5 - 8,040 steps
Day 6 - 11,268 steps

Total Steps for Miya: 58,836