Name: Roxie

Codename: Hyper
Breed: Cavapoo
Age: 11 months

Walks? I love walks! ONE MILLION steps🐾? Sure, why not? As long as we’re out and about, I’m happy! I get super excited and start panting really hard as I want to lead the way. But I’m learning that if I keep pulling on my lead, I’ll run out of steam real quick and won’t be able to help out. 

So, slow and steady is what I’ll do. With my friends, we will conquer this ONE MILLION steps! Will you help us conquer the other half? We need you to open your hearts 💖 and wallets so that we can reach S$12,000 for our friends in Animal Lovers League! 

Day 1 - 20,004 steps
Day 2 - 17,448 steps
Day 3 - 14,352 steps
Day 4 - 10,440 steps
Day 5 - 11,868 steps

Total Steps for Roxie: 74,112